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Alex Shilman


Alex is a psychologist and expert in behavioral economics Alex has rich experience in product management and over ten years of consulting companies and teams worldwide. he's a lecturer, publicist, and mentor on several platforms. Alex is a founding partner of "The Human Factor" consulting.

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All Videos

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behavioral challenges

An example from the field:
A manufacturer of decision support software for doctors faces difficulty in changing habits on the part of doctors and concerns about their status in the age of AI.

Public Policy

An example from the field:
A government ministry is trying to reduce the dropout rates from the technological degrees, and increase the diversity of those who enroll.

product management

An example from the field:
An old company in the insurance industry wants to enter the digital field and is looking for the value proposition for young audiences.

Service design

An example from the field:
A multinational corporation faces customer dissatisfaction and high churn rates due to long wait times in the digital systems.


Over 6,700 people were in | Lectures:

How to prosper in the era of the

attention economy

The structure of the attention economy in which we live * The deal we signed with the technology giants and how it affects our daily lives * The rise of artificial intelligence * A toolbox for building a winning agenda in the digital age * Disappearing professions and the professions of the new world * One morning at Google that changed the economy of the century -21.

Behavioral economics 101.

A fascinating journey into the new field of behavioral economics * The secret of the first psychologist in the IDF who revolutionized the world of economics, and won the Nobel Prize in 2002 * How do we make mistakes in our daily lives, why, and what do we do about it? * Lessons from the behavioral economics revolution in public policy, economics , medicine, engineering and hi-tech * toolbox for winning critical thinking

The science of decision making

What have we learned from forty years of research in decision-making * A look at the decision-making methods of pilots and Olympic athletes * How psychologists fundamentally changed the approach to political and economic investments * Intuition and logic enemies or partners? * When to listen to gut feeling and when to sit down with paper and pen?

box Tools for financial management and

smart consumerism

Behind the scenes of the advertising and marketing industry * The common denominator between the neighborhood supermarket and a sophisticated casino * 5 steps to winning financial management *  What is mental accounting and how does it manage us? * The moral of the journey of tens of thousands of families to independence and economic responsibility 

Lecture / workshop for a professional


For UX\UI men and women * corporate responsibility managers and human resource managers * product managers * policy makers * and a variety of other audiences dealing with human behavior


The behavioral blog (Published in The Marker):

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