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Behind the scenes of the known world as we experience it, there is a whole universe of shadow engineering and sophisticated manipulations. In this game there are no good and bad, the only difference is between those who have knowledge and don't hesitate to use it and those who prefer not to ask questions. It's time to talk about it.

  • Why do most people in the western world have difficulty making decisions on a daily basis?

  • What is the magic secret of Harala from the lottery factory?

  • Why doesn't your neighborhood supermarket have windows?

  • Why would most packaging of consumer products be vertical and not balanced?

  • Why Ikea intentionally complicates navigating it?

  • Is the parking lot intentionally planned in such a way that we will not remember where we parked?

Behind the scenes of almost everything in modern life there is a sophisticated mechanism designed to shape our choices in a very specific way. A rabbi stirs in our private lives and steers us without our knowledge. Advertisers, marketing people, product managers, behavioral experts, user experience people, industrial designers and many others.

16 September 2018 | Cafe Gan Sefer Mehadrin Jerusalem | 20:00
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In the lecture funny and full of optimism  we will remove the lot from the shadow world of the choice design architects, and for the first time we will mobilize their knowledge and methods for your benefit. Impromptu plenty of unbelievable examples that we all know well but never really stopped to think about what is behind them. At the end of the evening when you leave the hall with a big smile, you will be well equipped in order to easily and consciously distinguish between the "noise" of the environment.  

what will you get

  • An opportunity to put your intuitions to the test, and see how they fail time and time again!

  • A laugh-out-loud experience of honest observation of the temptations laid before us 

  • A look behind the scenes of the most successful ads in recent years, and an explanation of why they actually work for us.

  • The five most important rules  for correct decision making

  •  Exposure to the hit in the world of business and entrepreneurship, the "nudge" method, how to change behavior without the need to change.

  • A critical thinking skill that earned the Israelis Kahneman and Tversky the Nobel Prize in Economics 

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